I have fulfilled my dream by publishing my first book in Arabic “Emancipation“ that addresses the socio-political issues.


This website is a new project based on my Youtube channel dedicated to reducing the gap between the western society mindset and a "pro-secular" Middle Eastern perspective. 


Freedom of speech, socio-political issues, and the personal experiment are the main subjects that I cover. 


The primary goal is to interact with the viewers and create a mature discussion.

Prepare for the ride and enjoy it!

Hashim Almadani

My name is Hashim Almadani, I am an entrepreneur, an author and a blogger.


I was born, raised and studied in Baghdad, Iraq. In 2009 I decided to make a new step in my Journey and moved to Europe. It was a start of my new life chapter.

Starting a new life on another continent, learning languages, meeting new people from all over the world, managing several projects in business, led me into a continuous hunting for learning more and discovering the triggers of the fast growing world.


Writing is one of my ways to express myself; it is the way to collect insights and experiences that I got moving from the east to the west.