How a football fanatic should control the schedule with an “anti-football“ girlfriend?

Football is the most popular sport in the globe. Millions of people watch and attend the important matches of the team or the competition that they like, but when it comes to the real football fanatics, the supporters of their club, the ones who count the days, day after day until the match kickoff. The ones who may find it’s hard to sleep or work before the “Derby day“, these fanatics (and I'm one of them) see their team and the matter of going to the football match as the lifestyle. It's an endless romantic relationship that can't be explained to anyone who doesn’t recognize or share this passion. Eric Cantona (former Manchester united player) said: you can change your wife, your politics, your religion but you never, ever can change your favorite team “. This gives an indication of how deep the relationship is. Talking about relationships, we have to admit that a high percentage of “football fanatics“ have this endless discussion with their partners about match days, and the “ irresponsible behavior of the “ fanatic” with his partner, starting from canceling the “brunch day that you prefer to skip anyway“ into attending family events and birthdays “that it are considered to be a continuous torturing to your brain“. One day a friend asked me: if your wife would give birth of your baby the same time of “FC Barcelona VS Real Madrid“ match, what would you do? And it was the most difficult question/nightmare to answer or even imagine the scenario. But instead of answering that question, I found through my personal experience and humorous way of looking at things, simple and basic tips to bring more stability and control to the football fanatic between the endless love of his life, and his girlfriend/wife.

Tip Number 1 - never to repeat the “repetitive lie“ come on!! its only two hours per week: Simply because it's not. And we all know that, while we “football fanatics“ are trying to show our partners that we are trying to find the less time possible to do the activity that we are passionate about. While the best thing you have to do, is simply telling the truth, and we all know what is the truth. Football match work like a flight, you better go to the stadium two hours before the kickoff, as I told you its just like a flight, sharing some drinks with the other football fanatics, and go to the match that will take two hours. Then you may need another hour after the match in order to go back to your normal status, whether your team loses or win the match, you have to take the “after match“, it equals the time that you wait for your luggage after a flight. Tip number 2 - let your partner to know your schedule days or even weeks before the match days “whether it is a home match, or an away” Women hate when you let down an idea which she was thinking about days before. If you are not telling her anything about the match or the matches she will think that you are free. Because we, men, try to organize everything with our “caveman head” and when our partners ask us what we are thinking about, we answer NOTHING! Instead women always tell us about what do they think and what are their plans. They simply expect you to do the same; women love the direct message. Prepare and tell her about your schedule a time ahead. It will also give her a clear idea of how serious you are about these activities; in our case “our beloved second home - the stadium“

Tip number 3 - try to do a compensation based on your way of commitment to the relationship by preparing “a date“ or any other activities together, a day before or after the match day. Here you are showing to the one that you share your daily life, and there always will be a “me time“ and “we time“. In additional to that point, if the match will be held in the mid-day of a weekend, push yourself a little bit and organize your schedule to do a kind of activity with your partner on the same day at night, this has an extra credit for her, and maybe it can be the day that your team wins a good comeback match, and your “bad boy“ would score a hattrick at night.

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