Masculine and feminine energy

We see in social media a repetitive meme that shows the “how to understand the man” in a single page written with “all things that men are in life“. At the same time on the other side it shows a thick book with the title “how to understand women. part 1“. People normally laugh at that, feeding the stereotype of women are mysterious and that you can't understand them, understand what do they think, what do they need, and above all, who they are. To be honest, in the first time, and before discovering and having an interest physiological studies of human behavior, I used to laugh and think about the stereotypes, as it’s a reality and move on within it with my life. After I began my search and learning, I found that there is a very large and at the same time I consider it THE most important field in order to open a great part of the learning process within the human being, which represent, knowing and discovering the mysterious parts of yourself before thinking about the other, and in this case, the other gender. When we look at the meme example, we see that the man, who shows that “how to understand man are on one page, he didn’t mention anything regarding what it is written on that page, to describe man” On the other hand, the "how to understand women part 1", also doesn’t mention anything regarding who women are. It's like we are laughing and making jokes about a subject that we think that we know about, but in reality we don’t know anything about it, neither we examine nor took time to think about it deeply as we didn’t ask ourselves “what is our strength, what is our weaknesses, and what do we want in life and the most important question is, who we are?“ Those questions during my study, and by talking and chatting with my friends especially with the other gender, led me in a way to begin to think about an entrance into the masculinity and femininity world, by asking a single question taking the meme into the consideration, and the question was. In order to understand the “how to understand women part 1“, I need to understand what is written in the single page that describe what’s men are. In other words, in order to understand the other gender, first of all, I have to study and understand the gender that represents me, which is the male gender. I began to read a lot regarding to what its called the masculine and the feminine energy, and I must say, it’s a very big subject, very healthy and empowering subject, whenever you read more, whenever the unanswered questions inside your head will become clearer and more obvious, more understandable, and more admirable toward yourself and to the other gender. Understanding the other gender

The first thing that I learned through my study is that in order to continue your learning process in a healthy and successful way, that you can see the good result within your sight, is to isolate what the culture and the society tells you to believe in, because its simply doesn’t take the individual experience as an accurate experience, it takes more than the group effect which can consist of different kind of people and thoughts, which won't get you any clear idea to the questions that you ask yourself about and the answers that you are looking for. Society in a way these days harmed every single aspect of the good quality that masculinity and femininity do represent and empower. It showed us in a way, that masculinity means bad aggressiveness, and femininity means weakness and dependency. This reflect negatively in a straight way toward finding a majority of people who don’t and cant figure out who they are, which reflect also to what they want and what do they represent, especially in relationships, because sexual polarity and gender roles, whether we like those terms or not, it represent an important part that can bring the couple toward a balance point where everyone knows himself and his strength that can strengthen the other. I remember that through time, whenever I know more about both gender qualities and strength I can measure and notice it in real life so obviously through more time and more knowledge, every time I know more about masculinity and I examine it on myself and other people, I see that I also know and open the triggers on the feminine energy, which lead to admire more and more the woman. The concept of the Yin Yang, and the right side and left side of the Brain, let me admit and confirm that, men doesn’t represent bad and aggressiveness, and women doesn’t represent weakness and dependency as they told us to think about it before. Men and women both have Amazing qualities, strength, and positive energies that fill them up, the only thing that you can notice, is that there are some qualities are matched on both sides, and there are other qualities that are different. But that doesn’t change the fact that different strength qualities doesn’t make it better or worse from the other, it's just different. I imagine it, as two video game characters, that you have the strength power bar that describe the quality of these characters, one of them are bigger, physically stronger, his special power is visual, but slower than the other, while the other is thinner, faster. He can jump higher, and his special power is more mental toward reading thoughts. They both are complete in a matter of quality, they both have strength points, although they are different, which would make the player choose the character that he feels that he can get the best results in the game, based on manifesting the qualities that each character have. And what I would prefer in this case, is a two player game that can empower the team to be stronger. This exactly what Yin Yang showed us in theory regarding the masculine and feminine energy. When feminine energy, the Yin side, the Right side of the Brain which is more powerful in, than man is: the goddess, the queen, the nature, the moon, the intuition, the nurturing, the healing, the calm, the emotional awareness and expressive, the insight, the social, the receptive, the multi-tasking, the passion, the creation, the empathetic, and many more. While the masculine energy, the Yang side, the left side of the brain which is more powerful in than women is: the god, the king, the mountain, the sun, the logic, the reason, the energy in action, the firm, the survival, the common sense, the competitive, the rational, the objective, the assertive, the goal directed, the singular, the focus, and many more. When we look at each quality in each energy side, we will notice the kind of great quality that human being can have and admire that quality in what we can find many answers regarding the behavior with respect to the qualities that both genders can have and reflect toward the other gender. In order to go further with the description of Feminine and Masculine energy, we have to believe and know a clear fact, that everyone can examine it with him/herself or to other people, and its, the effect of the quality doesn’t represent a fixed measurement on men and women. Stephen Cocconi, the writer in and wrote a wide study about masculine and feminine energy, went further on that subject and mentioned an important point regarding to the term which is: The healthy and the toxic, masculinity and femininity, they both defined it regarding to the human behavior that a healthy male is a mixture of a 60% masculine energy, and 40% feminine energy, and vise Versa. Which lead us to a kind of conclusion is that, a very masculine or a very feminine person, which may have 80% of his quality based on his gender, will let him to a point of lacking, to measure, and understand the other gender quality, and its put the person, in point of lacking an output more than empowering the input quality that he has, that’s why we may see an aggressive, or a lonely man who lack, the tenderness and the sociable feminine quality in the other gender. Leo Gora, one of my favorite physiologist from, mentioned the point of a variable scale from 1 to 10 that represent, how feminine or masculine you are, and the healthy feminine woman and masculine that mixture of maximum amount of masculinity and maximum amount of femininity, while this level, is based on the testosterone and estrogen injection in babies brain, during the pregnancy period and the second injection during puberty. The difference between both ideas that I showed is that the scale and the quality of the scale are vary toward the culture and the atmosphere that you are in, which lead toward my opinion understanding what Gora wanted to say, is that the quality that you have and your reflection, whether it's feminine or masculine is based on the ambient that gives you the permission and the opportunity to embrace and empower what you have, always when it has a balance between 6 to 7 out of 10 in total. My personal conclusion regarding the masculine and feminine Yin Yang, and based on the studies that I mentioned and collecting articles, seminars and other studies in general is: I consider that in most of the world population, we have an intermediate level of masculine and feminine energy, the divine masculine, and feminine “are more into a 7 out of 10, rather than a 6 out of 10, yes its one point different, but I think that a person who will try to discover the masculine and the feminine qualities within him, and embrace them“ based on what he feel comfortable with, and reach the learning process that makes him reach the self-love, and self-awareness, is more regarding to awaken the masculine/feminine qualities based on the gender that he already have but he didn’t examine nor embrace it in the past, toward creating a better version of himself, and this better version will be a version that can understand, admire, and love the qualities of the other gender. The qualities that we have may be similar between one man and another, but at the same time we reflect and act differently based on our knowledge and our built character, We have different characters and presentation for ourselves; we are unique in nature as our fingerprints, yes we get knowledge from the available information that we have, the culture that we live in and the row models that we see in our life, starting from our family toward the outside world when we become mature and able to build our own character, but in all cases, we have the power inside us that we only can use it, when we decide to go further within our mind and body, to discover the points that will give us an idea about who we really are, what we really want and what journey that we want to take, and maybe those concepts will grow and it may change and take different shapes than before, as we are mentally and physically dynamic species, and the world around us, is growing faster and faster day after day, we have to include it in our journey whether we are conscious or unconscious about it, to reach our divine version of masculinity and femininity.

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