Another Slap to the left!

Once again, the right showed their realistic way of winning an election, while the left kept their strategy of calling names… "racist, sexist " instead of looking in the mirror and changing their own "pathetic" status.

Let’s go through some important points.

  • In the past few years, the left showed that their way to present the ideas has been deviated from their own way of thinking and representation. More precisely they turned the freedom of speech, which they fought for before, into a "Safe space".

  • Their fight turned from the protection of the "liberal values" to the protection of the "negative diversity" of cultures.

  • They overused the words "racist" and "sexist " by applying them to anyone who would discuss their current status so finally they arrived to the point where those terms looked useless and worthless.

  • They lost the credibility of their followers, after the rise of terrorism around the world. They showed a "weak" response to the reality under the name "protection of the minorities“.

  • Wherever you go in the western world, you will notice the rise of the right against weak left who focus more on getting votes from the Islamist next door than from the skeptic.

  • Not to mention their big failure in their foreign policy, when after all these years, all these innocent people still die every day in Syria and Iraq. It looks like that they still not sure about with whom they should stand next to - with the direct terrorism? or with the other side? while they keep thinking that "Islamism" that they directly empowered is the default status of the Middle East.

  • The left of the western world have to look in the mirror over and over again and admit that they don't represent the intellectualism, the freethinkers, the open minded skeptical adventurists any more.

Conclusion: The left have to leave the way of “supremacy” where they are shushing people who blame them, and they must start looking at the world realistically, instead of keeping defending their model that its lead by "whiney, sensitive, immature pussies". And it seems that Trump knows how to grab them well.

#politics #thoughts #freethinking #left #safespace #Trump


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