2016 | A personal speech about self talk and setting goals | in a year that i love and I hate |

I wanted my last video in 2016 to be as a reminder for me "first" and for all the viewers to always look back and take the past experience as a motivation for their present and their future. Setting goals and following your passion is one of the most efficient and fruitful methods to use to create your own version of your self- improvement. At the beginning of 2016 I had the worst experience of my life " until now " to be honest, I thought that from my past experience I built my own shield that would protect me from the difficulties of life.

I was wrong, I had a terrible time, I fought hard to stand upــ not only to go back to my previews status but to continue in a better version seeking a better result. I can say that I succeeded, and now I believe that without the hard and challenging time, I won't be able to think about growing up and set the goals that, I reach and I'm working on.

#selfimprovement #selftalk #settinggoals #2016theyearthatIloveandhate #selfhelp


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