The Islamization of the middle East ( Part 1 ) | The Roots of the cultural war

( PART 1 ) In this video, we will discuss the Roots of the Cultural war inside the middle east between the religious lifestyle over the modern way of life; -what were the key points that created the Islamic values as the main and the only base to create a society? -The Radical change of the classism pyramid - the Great influence of the Petrodollar money from the Gulf countries toward the rest of the middle east. -The shift of control from the old school Arabic countries ( Egypt, Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon ) into a full control based on Religious values and sectarianism between ( Gulf countries and Iran ) - The creation of the " BUBBLE "- the social norms and laws that base its relation to religion and its the only way.

#islamization #middleeast #freethinking #freespeech #Culturalwar


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