Uplifting music for your workout & sport

Disconnecting from the world of news, the world of social media, the artificial world, we need and have to get in contact with our bodies with our soul and mental.

For that reason, I wanted to make this video more into the personal level and less about the particular, political, social level. More into ourselves and more into our inner self. more than the ideal way of thinking.

I chose the mixture between our mentality and our bodies, something that grows our strength and our self-love. Something that encourages us to do more and embrace this " more."

Weight lifting or whatever kind of sport, its the connect between our personal status and our attention.

Embrace the attention for what you feel that strength inside you, workout, and embrace the taste of music that empowers you, I like metal music, what about you?

Let me know and let us discuss it!

#settinggoals #Sport #Weightlifting #Music #Heavymetal


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