How Sharia Works in the Middle East | A failed model of lifestyle

IMPORTANT POINTS: - The reason for adding the " anonymous face " Thumbnail is to refer that The Sharia lifestyle and mindset is a set of ideas, instead of taking it as a " middle eastern lifestyle " - More information about the Books of Al Sihah - There are a misleading point many religious people mention, while it's practically impossible to achieve in real daily life and its one of the bases of Sharia which is: the thoughts of the majority-- people think that it refers to the majority of the people, while in reality, it refers to " the majority of the Islamic Scholars, ". Islamic Scholars themselves will go back to " the sacred books to set the Rules " for that reason I didn't put this point as a base of sharia reform. - One of the differences between the Saudi lifestyle and the Iranian Lifestyle is that the secular past of Iran, the effect in the way of the daily life under the Sharia of the Republic of Iran, for that reason you may see that the Iranian lifestyle, in general, is more open than the Saudi. - The Dramatical Change in the Iraqi society is based on the total control of the Islamic religious, political parties who take the advantage to spread their power and control over the society, -My opinion: whether you reform it, modify it, this set of rules can't work with the modern society, you can't set un-negotiable, unquestioned and sacred rules that have been written more for more than 1000 years, to implement it into the daily life.

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