My Iraqi Thoughts on Jim Jeffries VS Piers Morgan | The Muslim Ban

Dear Jim Jeffries,

The reason why I'm posting this video and saying what I said in it. Is to let things go clear when it comes to debating people about a particular subject when --I see most of the westerners -- don't have an idea about the situation in the middle east, for middle eastern.

Especially for those who consider being in the secular minority.

Not trying to sound " nationalist " but based on my personal experience I'm putting my thoughts to understand that, whenever we are going to call it a Muslim Ban, whenever we fail to address our own thoughts, logic, and reason to debate whether with acceptance or rejections about issues.

Keep calling it a Muslim ban, and insisting that it is, is only a deviation from reality. When Iraq is in a continuous war on terrorism, on ISIS and they were giving more casualties than any other country, and they still " accept " to be put in the same basket as the rest of Middle Eastern countries.

what really disturbs about the whole situation, is-- only when Trump do something-- people begins to add a " value " for only " hating Trump reason ".

I'm going to leave it here, and I may sound radical, I wished if it was a total Muslim ban, a ban based only on religion. Maybe at that time finally we will be looked and treated in the way that we " secularist/ex-Muslim " deserve to be treated.

kind regards.

#JimJeffries #Muslimban #freethinking #Iraq


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