The Delusion of Social Justice Theory | Why its important to think outside the box

Social justice, cultural Marxism, and other theories that assume that they are trying to bring “ justice “ to the society by a straight authoritarian mindset that always thinks about the society and ignore in a way the individual.

These ideas on the long run failed to address and achieve what so called “ Social Justice “ for 3 main reasons,

1- Ignoring the human nature and the human behavior and of course human ego, thinking about the person as a unit that serves the society, whether this person gets his needs or not.

2- focusing more on the image and the speech instead of the reality,

3- which leads us to the third point and it is “ what is really fair or justice means?

so let us ask ourselves: what is fair?

fair is a beautiful statement that we use to address our own conclusion from our own perspective as an individual based on own-own knowledge and experiments

so let us ask ourselves,

what is fair?

the rich are mean, and the poor are lazy is fair? Health care to all is fair? Is free universities fair? Are minimum wages fair? Giving your own effort to the power of the state is fair? Investing outside using all your knowledge and all your money to open a business abroad and it’s a must to give 51% shares to a local person without putting any single pen from his pocket, is fair? As what they do in the Gulf countries.

we can ask and talk many hours about each individual points hours and hours, using polls and statistics, but we will never reach to the point that can be fair to everyone trust me because this is life and this is the human behavior, and everyone will put himself and his knowledge and life experiment as the center of the “ fair and justice “.

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