From a Subscriber: I can't live anymore in the Middle East| What to do?

I receive many messages from people from all over the world, but this message lets me think more about the past and what is the practical answer to be sent to the " Subscriber."

Especially, as he and his family are struggling on a daily basis, living the place, accepting a reality that they don't want to be a part of.

In all life issues, we see that whatever step we want to do in life " especially if its a fundamental level " we see that thinking about it in a realistic way, accepting the current situation and working for the new step as the highest priority in our lives.

IF we want to win our liberty, we have to sacrifice and go outside the comfort zone. In add with that, we have to measure and believe that achieving the steps toward our goals won't be easy at all nor will guarantee our happiness.

It's a matter of looking forward toward what is our priorities in life.

#themiddleeast #selfimprovement #Immigration


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