The change in the ( Iraq-US) game

I already made a bet about how the situation will change for a better path " between Iraq and Trump's US. And it seems that things are going " more or less " the same direction that I imagined.

Trump wanted to re-establish the collaboration with Iraq to be one of his favorite pieces in the Middle East.

This came after eight years of foreign policy made by the Obama administration and the Democrats in general, giving a big support to the " Muslim Brotherhood movement " around the Arabic countries " Egypt, Turkey, Tunisia, and above all " the terrorists in the Syrian conflict "

The new era with Trump made a maximum effect when it comes to the war on ISIS in the Iraqi territory.

In a quick and a surprise move, we recovered most of the Iraqi territory that were under the control of ISIS in the last three years.

In a quick and a surprise move; the middle eastern media showed a " kind of " a change in their strategy: from a pro-Islamists, ISIS sympathisers into a " no comment media ."

In a quick and a surprise move, the rest of Arabic countries including " the eternal arch-enemy... ( the Gulf countries ) began to praise the Position of Iraq and the Iraqi army regarding the war on terror. Only a few days after the signing the new collaboration between Iraq and the US.

Once again and as I said that too many times before: To achieve stability in Iraq; you have to give your hand to the big pieces in the political game while looking In the eyes and marking your own boundaries with our real and enteral challenge " the rest of Middle Eastern countries."

Iraq have to listen to the song " no more Mr nice guy " every single day

Photo: Donald Trump and The Iraqi government during their last visit to the White House

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