The Gap between the West & The Middle East| " Literature"

As my book address a comparison between the Western world and the Middle East “ especially Iraq “ from a socio-political perspective,

I began my speech during the book presentation by telling them that one of the main things that I saw when I went to Europe is that only very few people have certain knowledge about Iraq,

Everyone in the hall was smiling and nodding their head,

Then I told them but what I also noticed that only a few Iraqi people have certain knowledge about The western world.

Their facial expression changed from a smile to surprise.

Until I told them that, thinking about it in a logical way, is as we both are tuned to a different wave …. FM and AM they pretend to know us by the news and we pretend to know them by movies,

Both visions are unrealistic.

One of the points that made this gap between both worlds is the isolation of the intellectualism and intellectual people from both worlds,

We see for example in most books that have been written about the middle east, they have been drafted by Westerners journalists who you directly notice that they look at the issues from a “ westerner” point of view toward the Middle East, and it lacks an authenticity and the spirit of living your daily life.

There is a well-known old Arabic saying describing the literature movement in the Middle East, which is: Cairo writes, Beirut Prints and Baghdad Reads. Have you heard of this? NOPE.

Writers Like Ali Al Wardi and his mixture of writings between socio-politics and human psychology brought us several excellent books like “

Waath al salateen

Mahzalat al 3a8l al bashari

Sha5siat al fardi al Iraqi

Or Said Qimni A secular writer and a free thinker

• The Religious and Democracy (ahl al-din wal-dimuqratiyah), 2005. • Thank You ... Bin Laden!! (Shukran ... bin Laden!!), 2004. • The Islamic Groups: a view from within (al-jamaat al-Islamiyah rupiah min al-Nikhil),2004. Or Ibrahim Issa and his fantastic novel Mawlana,

And the list is very long .....

But why I mentioned The titles in Arabic? Because simply we see that all these masterpieces that can bring way better understanding for the westerner reader when it comes to books that empower critical and free thinking from inside the source, religion, social issues, politics… didn’t get any attention from the West

In fact, I saw on a website that puts the Top Arabic books that were translated into other languages, and I couldn’t find any “ important “ book that passes the red lines

Now why I think that it’s a critical point to be mentioned and making a video about it?

Its because I saw how books can be a game-changing inside the society, and I gonna mention one book “ The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins

When Bassam Albaghdady an Iraqi translator decided to translate the book and spread the PDF online for free, the book creates a significant impact on the Arabic readers … it even created a new movement towards young writers, young translators, some editorials to have the gots to write, translate and print these Taboo books that can bring new visions to the Middle Eastern readers.

Now we see This photo from Arbil book fair in Iraq while the photo of two figures in the world of literature, stood side by side, maybe for the first time in the history.

While I have to admit, in the west it's still almost impossible to get a translation/publishing opportunity for an Arabic critical thinking book to be done.

Let us not to forget that a great and young writer like Hamid Abdul Samad won't get the opportunity to publish his books in Europe only because he published his books in German for the first time, and he had only one deal to publish one of his books that are called the Islamic fascism in French.

I believe that If the Westerners editorials gave the chance to Translate and spread the Arabic literature, It would become a game-changing moment, for a better understanding, and arguments would be built with a stronger base that empowers freethinking, and freedom of speech in general.

How can I confirm that?

Watch this short subtitled clip, and you gonna understand me

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