Who got the maximum benefit from the " Tommy Robinson & Maajid Nawaz conflict?"

We all saw the conflict happened yesterday between Maajid Nawaz and Tommy Robinson,

And…How the “ fans “ of each part began to shoot the other with words,

Based on that, I want to say that people, have to understand that admiring someone or someone’s work, doesn’t mean that you have to agree or support everything he does.

It's ok to say, man … I like what you do, but I disagree with you on that, and…. I keep supporting you

The idea of free and critical thinking is based on using your mind before you made your own conclusion on specific cases.

When I dedicated two videos in my youtube channel, one giving the credit to Maajid and another giving the credit to Tommy, in any case, that doesn’t mean that I have to stand 100% with every action that they are doing and will do.

Describing the conflict, I have to say that I disagree with both of them ( this specific conflict )

Tommy used what I call it “ the away match strategy “ when you go to the house of the opponent and face them.

While Maajid, used the social media directly, using what the Arabic saying says: eating him for lunch before he eats you for dinner,

I disagree with both of them on what they did,

And seriously while both parts are trying to show the people who are the right in this conflict, saving the “ rep “

Real supremacists and true Islamists, are the one who got all the benefit from all that. And they are the happiest now.

Because when you as a viewer will reach a level of critical thinking break the barriers of identity politics, race and background.

You will notice that the real value of anti-extremism, is when you don’t rely on them to pick a side when you want to build a mature disc

#Freespeech #religion #Quilliam #MaajidNawaz #TommyRobinson


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